January 15, 2016

ThemeParkology Dvds for sale online~!

Common knowledge if you follow my work, but ive been freelancing for ThemeParkology for quite a while now.  Great new, finally the ThemeParkology Dvds I did covers for are being sold online!

Walt Disney Worldhttp://www.themeparkology.com/#!product-page/c1pyk/f16e739b-82ce-c317-b087-b38fd1228df9

DisneyLand 1950s: http://www.themeparkology.com/#!product-page/c1pyk/870ae96b-4ac1-66ba-76d7-ad1d79a163c9

DisneyLand 1960s: http://www.themeparkology.com/#!product-page/c1pyk/151725d1-6174-454b-3dbf-f08bddb53fd5

Check then out, this company is really cool and as a Disney lover myself, really interesting.

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