February 27, 2014

Pintrest Beauties~!

Ive become slightly addicted to Pintrest. So much inspiration!!!

                                                                           Pintrest Pic:

February 24, 2014

Meet Isa and El Cucuy!

While working on my portfolio, ive ran across some of my old sketches for a little story I created. 
The story was about a little girl named Isa and her friend the Cucuy (Mexican boogey monster).
So I found 2 small sketches i really liked and started painting them.

February 14, 2014

V-day Friend Commission

Happy Valentine's Day!!! Or, otherwise known as Singles Anonymous Day!

My dear school friend requested a painting of her and her bf, so I did it! This chic is an awesome graphic designer too, so check out her stuff--->https://www.behance.net/kristenywatkins