May 31, 2012

Oh yeah, I graduated!

Very late announcement I know, but I graduated 3 weeks ago!!! It was pretty exciting :) Here's a pic of me next to my senior show display. My thesis was about the story of "La Cenicienta: The Mexican Cinderella" hence all the papel picado. I mean, how could I not end my 4 years of art college with a mexican themed thesis? Oh and the other photo is me after graduation.

May 29, 2012

Salome Drawing Session

Found these sketches I did for a live model session based on the story of Salome. We had 10 minutes to sketch out the nude model pose, then for hw we had to spice it up. I was inspired by the 1920s and the opera :)

May 11, 2012

Painting these really brought me back to my childhood. My grandparent's kitchen looks just like this, and yes, there is a giant mountain in Zacatecas....except there's a wooden cross on top not a castle.