May 11, 2011

May 7, 2011

Take me to Candy Town

My final assignment for "Drawing Intensive with Nathan Ota"

We had to create a fantasy environment in 3 point perspective. Since it was finals and everyone was stressed out and depressed all around me, i made a candy town scene :)

Listed are the progress of thumbnails to the final piece.

2 point Perspective assignment "Jack in the Boxes"

An assignment from the always intense class of "Drawing Intensive with Nathan Ota"
Our assignment was to create 2 jack in the boxes in 2 point perspective with graphics on the box sides. The characters had to be interacting, so I envisioned them being a couple...and captured images of their day to day lives. Then I chose the funniest scene and inked it.

Dicho. "Hay mas pez en el mar"

Painting assignment where we had to make an illustration based off an Idiom. I chose "There are plenty of fish in the sea."

Un "update"

I painted this little creature for a homework assignment that revolved around Magic Cards. He's suppose to be the "Element of cleansing."
So in this shot, he's summoning some healing energy. Oh and I named him "Mr.Buu" It suits him.

Smart Car Comm Final Scene

Just a taste of whats to come....i'm excited :)